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Pravoka is a port town to the east of Cornelia, its ruling city. If anyone is closest to moving to the industrial age, it’s Pravoka. Heavily relying on fishing and manufacturing, Pravoka exports to every town they can reach using sail boats and early steamboats. These steamboats are powered by a perpetually burning fire that the Arcane Archeologists of Pravoka invented with the help of Asharah, a famous Pravokan inventor. Pravoka produces much of the world’s comforts.

Mayor Karin keeps track of all political aspects concerning laws and trade barriers with other kingdoms, as well as any and all shipping and industry that goes on in Pravoka on a case by case basis. She is generally a friendly person, though she easily gets frustrated due to the stress and magnitude of her job. She also keeps tabs on the Blacksmith, Armory, and Pharmacy. The Inn, Church and Arcane Archeologist Emporiums are privately owned businesses.

The people of Pravoka tend to be more cross than those of Cornelia. This is probably due to the hard days of work almost every citizen participates in, and the hard living conditions many cope with. The city is crowded, so there is a lack of sanitation and a high unemployment rate. They also have frequent issues with pirates.

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