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Okay! So, we’re gonna start up again with this rp. Here’s the dealio (dealeo? Dealioe?)
First order of business is that a lot has been updated. So, everyone should look at their characters and make sure they’re all up to date. There are a few rules on this:

  • No complaining if your ability got nerfed.
  • No bragging if your ability gets uber buffed.
  • Last, tell me if something is changed on your character, so that I can know and plot…

So, once all this has been done: I am going to assign a specific amount of gil to you, the sum total of which shall be no less than 4 quadrillion Spanish doubloons! Just kidding. The amount hasn’t been decided yet, but once it has, this entire paragraph will be dropped into the void. Leaving this poor abandoned post to suffer and burn in the hellfires of the end… Feel bad? You should you heartless fool… you’re going to walrus hell you cannibal

EDIT: I am voiding my previous statement, for it is too awesome to be thrown into the hellfires of the end… SO!

You all will have 3000 gil each. I have decided to keep items being sold only in specific stores. The lists may be simplified, but simplicity is good, ja? I want you all to go through and repurchase your equipment. If you are under the impression that something you have was acquired as loot or that you started with said piece of equipment, come talk to me. I’ll likely give you a hard time to fuel my inner troll and then give you what you want.

Everyone needs to remember to both Level Up!, and pick one of the following:

1. Peruse The Library:

  • Bonus Feat (Mental Toughness or Extra Ki)
  • +2 to any mental stat
  • +1 to hit and damage (magical)
  • +1 bonus to all Knowledge checks

2. Train for Knight-hood:

  • Bonus Feat (Toughness or Mental Toughness)
  • +2 to any stat
  • +1 bonus to hit and damage against Evil aligned creatures
  • Gear – (Knight’s Sword, choice of bludgeoning weapon, Light Steel Shield, Platinum Armor)

3. Physical Training:

  • Bonus Feat (Toughness or Extra Ki)
  • +2 to any physical stat
  • +1 bonus to hit and damage (physical)
  • +1 bonus to any one skill

3. Wander around outside and get Gil! (Any suggestions? I’m assuming no one will care for this. Right now it’s looking at a percentile roll per hour or something of the sort.)

5. Watch the building of the Bridge:

  • +5 bonus to Knowledge (Engineering/Architecture)

Also, anyone that wants can add +1 Rank to the granted class skill Perform (Lute)

The website also felt like underlining certain things and I don’t know why…
~~~~~>I fixed the underlining issue ~Chris ;D

Final Fantasy!

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